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Christmas Holidays – 5 Ways To Make This Holiday Your Best Ever

For many people the end of a year is a time of increased stress.

Instead of relaxing and unwinding from a busy year, the pressures of buying
gifts, travelling or spending time with long lost relatives makes it a
difficult time.

In our household for example, my 4 year-old daughter’s e…

How to Overcome the Overwhelm of the Holiday Season (And Reduce Holiday Stress)

The Holiday Season can be a wonderful time of year, filled with lovely decorations, gift exchanges, visits with friends and family and delicious meals. But for many of us, the Holiday Season can also be quite overwhelming with all the added activities such as decorating our homes, selecting, buyi…


What is aromatherapy? Used for centuries, aromatherapy is known to have been utilized by the Egyptian physician, Imhotep; and Hippocrates. The first person to dub the term “aromatherapy, was French chemist, Rene-Mauric Gattefosse during the 1930s.

Aroma-generating oils are extracted from s…

Dlaczego starsi pracownicy lepiej radzą sobie ze stresem?

Według opublikowanego w tym tygodniu w Wlk. Brytanii raportu, poziom stresu osiąga szczyt w wieku około 50-55 lat, po czym spada wraz ze zbliżaniem się do emerytury. Napisano w nim również, że stres związany z pracą może utrzymywać się jeszcze na emeryturze. Raport pt. “Starzenie się, stres związany z pracą i zdrowie” został sporządzony przez

Is Hair Loss Shampoo Any Good For Me

There are many shampoos on the market that are advertised as hair loss shampoo. If you notice that you hair is thinning, you may wonder if this is what you should be using to help stop any further hairloss. The advertisements that accompany most hair loss shampoo products cite clinical experiment…