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The Therapeutic Effectof Colors health

Title: The Therapeutic Effect of Colors Word Count: 677 Summary: Color-spectrum therapy has been popular since the days of antiquity. The exposure to certain colors can have a health-enhancing effect. Keywords: Health, color therapy,vitamin,well being,healing traditions,biochemical processes,metabolism,longevity,well being Article Body: Color-spectrum therapy has been popular since the days of antiquity. In Ancient Rome, the healer

You Might Just Feel A Bitofa Prick… health

Title: You Might Just Feel A Bit of a Prick… Word Count: 541 Summary: Acupuncture. Removing the fear of acupuncture needles in a percentage of the population. Brief history of acupuncture.Its uses and advantages. Also using acupuncture for animals. Keywords: acupuncture,needles,homeopathy,herbalism,araomtherapy Article Body: But that sensation won’t last too long! People are surprised to find

Frankincense In Aromatherapy- Trees Tears And Essential Oils health

Title: Frankincense In Aromatherapy – Trees, Tears And Essential Oils Word Count: 1001 Summary: The Mysterious Frankincense Used for many thousands of years, the Frankincense tree has perhaps the greatest association with spiritual practice of any plant on earth. In most of the great ancient cultures, including the Egyptian, Babylonian, Persian, Hebrew, Greek and Roman

Start Now To Boost Immunity For Winter health

Title: Start Now To Boost Immunity For Winter Word Count: 432 Summary: It’s that time of year again where virus’ and bacteria’s run a-muck and play havoc on our bodies. The best time to start is now to prepare for the cold and flu season. Keywords: immunity, Essential Oils, natural antibiotic, echinacea, goldenseal, elderberry, ginseng,

Aromatherapy Using Natures Aroma To Cure health

Title: Aromatherapy – Using Nature’s Aroma To Cure Word Count: 349 Summary: Aromatherapy makes use of the essential oils from the plants and other aromatic compounds to help soothe the human mind and cure certain illness. You can do it at home with the help of essential oils, perfume and cosmetics. When it becomes a