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Christmas Holidays – 5 Ways To Make This Holiday Your Best Ever

For many people the end of a year is a time of increased stress.

Instead of relaxing and unwinding from a busy year, the pressures of buying
gifts, travelling or spending time with long lost relatives makes it a
difficult time.

In our household for example, my 4 year-old daughter’s e…


Finances: The Importance of Staying on the Same Page with Your Family

Are you a married or do you currently reside with your romantic partner? If you do, there is a good chance that money is always a concern of yours. When two individuals are in a relationship, there are often issues that arise con…


Pearls have an amazing long history, that is rich is culture. In fact they are one of the most ancient documented gems. Records of commercial harvesting have been found going back over 2500 years ago.

The natural occurrence of pearls is actually quite rare with only one in several million s…

An Acne Herbal Hand and Footbath

In a book I read by William L. Fischer called Hidden Secrets of Super Perfect Health at Any Age, Book II, 1986, I learn how to do herbal footbaths.

In chapter 10, The F-M Circulizer System, Fischer discusses the use of an herbal footbath. After reading this chapter, I realized how herbs in …

Acupressuremoreeffectivethanphysicaltherapy health

Title: Acupressure more effective than physical therapy Word Count: 489 Summary: Those of us committed to the holistic approach have long been convinced of the benefits of alternative therapy. Recent studies suggest and confirm a bias towards this hands on approach. Keywords: acupressure,acupressure point,acupressure chart,acupressure point chart,facial acupressure,acupuncture acupressure,acupressure point diagram,acupressure therapy,acupressure headache,free acupressure point,acupressure